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 Imię: mój numer obozowy Data: 2019-12-24 11:59:10 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: 00021321
 Imię: GRP = HKT Data: 2019-12-19 15:05:15 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Steward_requests/Global&diff=19648279&oldid=19648260

 Imię: GRP = HKT Data: 2019-12-18 15:09:23 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Boxingches

(Long-term abuse: WMF-banned editor (GRP)


wiedereinurindogermanisierung rückgeverwirrung

 Imię: multikonto multibanan Data: 2019-12-17 07:48:33 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: page 23 @ chesschat - contact us banned there if u want wikipedia demolished
 Imię: 1914-1918 Data: 2019-12-17 07:43:41 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: ~H-K-T~: Catholic Saint, Anna Katharina Emmerick says: The first tongue, the mother tongue, spoken by Adam, Shem, and Noah [protoindogermanic], was different, and it is now extant only in isolated dialects. Its first pure offshoots [indoiranian] are the Zend, the sacred tongue of India, and the language of the Bactrians. In those languages, words may be found exactly similar to the Low German of my native place. The book that I see in modern Ctesiphon, on the Tigris, is written in that language.

w w w .koeblergerhard.de/idgwbhin.html

w w w .win.tue.nl/~aeb/natlang/ie/pokorny.html
 Imię: multikonto multibanan Data: 2019-12-17 07:14:06 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: www.chesschat.org/showthread.php?2494-Moderation-Rules-and-Decisions/page23
 Imię: wiedereinurindogermanisiere euch Data: 2019-12-16 09:23:16 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: protoindogermanic 100% genuine




slavic 10000% confounded
 Imię: WikingeR Data: 2019-12-10 20:37:39 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: wikipediasucks.co/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1333

The above Wikihomopedoidiots - aka Wikingopedoidiots are Wikingoholics Wikiholix ABSOULTE SUPER ASSHOLES
aka Wikingopedoia's Editors with no life, money or job. Some of "Chosen Ones" are: Antandrus Dravid, Trijnstel, PlyrStar93, Brian Sadowski, Ningauble, Seewolf, Ruslik0 (Russian Freak), Jon Kolbert, -revi, Vermont, Dungodung (Serbian War Criminal & Rapist), Vituzzu, Wpedzich, ???? (MadArab from GreatOldOne ElderThing star spawn) & tons of others. These are absolute lowlifes who have no idea they are alive. They do not know what opposite sex is. Their only mission in life is to follow their cthult leader sex maniac, pervert, sick fuck, king of pedophiles, registered child sex offender King Jewbo Jimbo Prince 'o' Wales. They are actual pedophiles who always cruise for underage action on Wikipdoia aka Wikingopedia aka Wikingopedoia.
Wikimedia aka Wikipedoia aka Wikingopedoia is the exclusive club for perverts, the top place where world's horniest pedophiles meet!!! SAD BUT SO 10000% TRUE!!!
 Imię: abuse Data: 2019-12-10 10:26:07 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: archive.is/GzjtC

wargo is criminal - hacking is crime

 Imię: . Data: 2019-12-09 18:28:33 e-mail: Strona www:
Wpis: Hacked by Wargo groups . google . com / forum / # ! forum / wikimediacomputer H4ck3d by Wargo

W I k I n g e r ' s stupidity is still above normal and it needs to be terminated.

Error in: 0xDEADBEEF
? Press CTRL+F4 to terminate
? Press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice to run in soft recovery mode

Contact your ISP or local authorities for more questions. _

reINDOGERMANization: epoznan . pl / blogi - blog - 1418 - 11515

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